JB SMITH is CO-FOUNDER of Isekurity, Inc., the nations premier identity theft company, with over 13 years of entrepreneurial experience at his disposal including that of being one of two founders of the nations premier identity theft company, Isekurity. JB has decided to offer his experiences to aspiring entrepreneurs through speaking engagements and consultation. The program will include but not be limited to topics like CREATING SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING, BUILDING AND CREATING A BRAND, PROTECTING WHAT YOU BUILD, ACQUIRING A DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL, and STARTING A COMPANY DURING A RECESSION. Over the last 13 years, Smith has been instrumental in the operations of multiple companies, one of the most significant from a consumer standpoint, Isekurity was created by Smith and his Co-Founder Reginald Ball in 2007. Smith has served several company’s including Isekurity, as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, as well as in dozens of other positions that are necessary in many cases for an entrepreneur to meet their objective of creating something out of nothing. Smith’s vast entrepreneurial experiences have enabled him to experience first hand the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur. After more than a decade of creating opportunity, his goal now is to assist others in navigating their way thru creating their own successful companies from scratch.

For information, consulting, or to reserve your seat at his next conference please contact us via email: info@isekurityfounder.com